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fancy dress  >  Fancy Dress Wigs
WOMENS WIGS Our wigs include Amy Winehouse wigs, 1920's wigs, cheapest priced 1940's wigs, 1950's wigs, 1960's wigs, 1970's wigs and 1980's wigs. We have fantastic 70's popstar wigs and 80's popstars wigs. Neon wigs, short neon wigs and long neon coloured wigs. With Hollywood and TV themed wigs, 70's afro wigs and general fancy dress wigs, they are all here. The female wigs cover most fancy dress costume styles at a great price.
There are several sub-departments in our female wigs section.

  MENS WIGS inc pop and TV star wigs
MENS WIGS inc pop and TV star wigs Our male party Pop star, TV star and Rock star wigs are the cheapest fancy dress wig for men to buy. the wigs include 50's wigs, 60's wigs, 70's wigs and 80's wigs for men to buy. Elvis wigs and teddy boy wigs, to afro wigs and boy band wigs, including mullet wigs, pop star wigs. Elton John wig, Jimi Hendricks wig, Jamaican Bob Marley wig and punk wigs, official Stavros Flately wigs and Take That boy band wigs.
BEARDS and MOUSTACHES We have many styles of fancy dress Beards, Moustaches and Sideburns. These fancy dress moustaches and sideburns are self adhesive and the beards come on elastic. An excellent addition to go with our party wigs.
  Cheapest AFRO WIGS to buy
Cheapest AFRO WIGS to buy A good selection of cheap 1970's coloured afro wigs in various colours. Coloured afro wigs, red afro wig, blue afro wigs, green afro wigs, cheapest pink afro wigs, brown afro wigs, blonde afro wigs, purple afro wigs cheapest red afro wigs, cheapest black afro wigs. Wear it pink Pink Afro wigs. Our Afro's are very popular with 70's fancy dress parties. They are ideal for your Butlins 70's fancy dress themed holiday weekends. Simply use an afro comb on the wigs, and the curls on the afro wigs will cause tight curls and transform you back to the 1970's. Please note that these cheap 70's afro wigs are the same for male and female adults and children wigs.
  Worldwide wigs
Worldwide wigs Wigs from around the world, from places like Egypt wigs to China Oriental wigs to Greece wigs. These wigs are the perfect way to complete your exotic outfit.
  Cyber Tinsel Wigs
Cyber Tinsel Wigs Cheap fun Cyber Tinsel wigs. These cheap Cyber Tinsel wigs come in many colours and are great wigs for a night out dancing or hen nights. Blue tinsel wigs, red tinsel wigs, pink tinsel wigs, our tinsel wigs are at a low web exclusive price and are great value for money.

fancy dress  >  Fancy Dress Wigs